When we say idea adoption, what exactly do we mean? In theory, idea adoption is the practice of sharing intentional stories among members of a group over time so that more advantageous ideas are accepted and desired behavior changes follow. In practice, we use strategic story, experience design and creative production to magnify human connection and engage early adopters to spread ideas and get ideas adopted. Take a look at how our process plays out:

Overflow Flywheel – Idea Adoption Process


Start with the idea
Our work with clients begins with an idea and a question: What do you want people to believe so that behavior change follows? This could be anything from implementing an internal communication strategy to launching a nationwide social change campaign. No idea is too small to start, and no dream is too big to begin.

Shape the strategic story
A great idea starts with a well-told strategic story. Stories are powerful. They inspire, form new connections, and create lasting impressions that bring ideas to life. Storytelling is a compelling motivator and activator, and when paired with strategy, it can achieve meaningful impact. Shaping an effective strategic story begins with framing who you help, their noble goal and the antagonistic forces keeping them from achieving. This is the foundation of your story and how to create a captivating logline.

Design the experience
Once the strategic story is defined, it drives the development of experiences and content. With a solid story in place, we’re able to determine the most effective methods for delivering relevant content to key audiences. How does content ladder up to the strategic story and how is it shared in ways that convey meaning and spurs action?

Produce multimedia content
Creative multimedia production uses story design principles to create impact and shift perceptions. This is where your idea comes to life—transforming from conceptual to concrete. Through videography, photography, graphic design, web development and more, story is always kept at the center of what we do.

Shift perceptions
The idea adoption process takes off when the early majority begins to align with a story-centered idea, causing collective perceptions to shift. As adopters make the story their own, the idea grows and continues to evolve. Its evolution increases the likelihood it will be sustained—and what’s more, new ideas often follow, and the process of adoption begins all over again.