Ashley Harper shares her perspective on storytelling and idea adoption through her role as Overflow’s Director of Accounts.

Do you have a favorite campaign you’ve worked on?

“The project I have enjoyed working on the most is the #ZeroReasonsWhy campaign, a teen-led suicide prevention campaign. More than any other project I have worked on, this campaign has illustrated how powerful story can be, and how a few passionate individuals — in this case, teens — can profoundly impact their community.”

What type of work are you most passionate about?

“The reason I love working at Overflow is that it provides me an opportunity to learn and make a real difference. Whether it be with our corporate clients or those focused more on social impact, witnessing how our work impacts their goals is meaningful to me. Not to mention, I have benefited personally from our nonprofit clientele such as United Community Services, an organization that has opened my eyes to the human services needs and providers in the county I grew up in.”

“Story most meaningful when we can see ourselves in it.”

How does story create impact?

“My background is in strategy execution. And what I have found, whether I have been implementing an ERP at a large corporation or helping to identify key goals for a startup, is that story is foundational for success. At its root, it is how we learn, but it is also most meaningful when we can see ourselves in it. It is with that understanding that we can make a difference in our own roles and ultimately contribute to the success of the company.”

What unique skillset do you bring to the team?

“I am grateful to hold a role that brings me joy. As Director of Accounts, I forge relationships with our clients and the team by extending empathy, interacting authentically, working diligently toward a shared goal — and having fun along the way.”