One Small Step Podcast

Case Study: One Small Step Podcast


Category: Creative Production, Experience Design, Strategic Story

Capabilities Employed: Podcast Production, Creative Direction, Video Production, Script Writing, Graphic Design, Photography, Motion Graphics, Social Media Strategy, Social Media Management

Client Intro

One Small Step is a podcast framework provided by NPR’s StoryCorps. United Community Services of Johnson County (UCS) partnered with Church of the Resurrection (COR) to create a podcast series using the NPR framework. UCS provides data analysis, collaborative planning and resource mobilization to enhance the availability and delivery of health and human services in Johnson County, Kansas.

Idea Summary

Created by NPR’s StoryCorps, One Small Step is an effort to remind us of the humanity in all of us, even those with whom we disagree. The initiative brings strangers with different political views together to record a conversation – not to debate politics, but to learn who we are as people. Audio recordings of each interview are shared with NPR and archived at the Library of Congress.

Our Work

Overflow came alongside UCS and COR to provide creative direction throughout production of the podcast pilot episodes. We created a visual brand, working with the StoryCorps team to maintain brand standards, to align with the national movement but personalize the project to Johnson County. We created a style guide and design templates to be used across all creative pieces. During production, we partnered with UCS and COR’s creative team to produce, film and photograph the project.

Each podcast episode included a scripted introduction, photo editing, video editing of the full-length conversation and shorter social media pieces, motion graphics and social media graphics. We then developed a social media content strategy to promote each episode over the course of time and implemented the strategy on the UCS social channels.