Idea Adoption Workshop Series

Introducing Overflow’s Idea Adoption Workshop Series. Our facilitators bring exceptional insight and multi-disciplined experience to every workshop. Three workshops show you how to get ideas adopted and engage in new ways of thinking and behaving.

Classes are offered in 1/2-day, 1-day and 2-day formats. Attendees are capped at 30 individuals. Pricing based on duration and attendees.


Intros, Convos and Presos. The elevator pitch is dead. Story design reframes intent, deconstructs obstacles, and magnifies the human connection through development of a core story arc. The shape of story is illuminated using language, visuals, and delivery of the storyteller. The power of story is universal, and the possibility of one idea changing the world will always exist. This workshop focuses on the first three interactions in persuasion.

  • Change the conversation and build a long-term narrative
  • Use story structure to improve framing and conversations
  • Diffuse ideas across groups and influence behavior change


Activate Strategy. For most people, their day is overflowing with things to do. The constant pull between operational requirements and strategic expectations can unleash complaints and disfunction. Deploymentship provides a leadership framework for building shareable story and sustainable strategy. Learn the techniques of story-enabled collaboration, how to close performance gaps, and build team ownership.

  • Identify and execute strategic story
  • Develop the system needed to create shareable story
  • Learn ways to transition from shareable to sustainable story


The curse of knowledge, accumulated from education and business experience, boxes us in as individuals and teams. This restricts communication, impacts the words we use and our ability to tell an effective cooperative story. Your team may be newly formed, or the team has been asked to take on a new strategic challenge. Either way, StoryDraw will help you build a new cooperative story and address three of most common challenges team face: Fear. Trust. Risk-taking.

  • Build a new cooperative story for your team
  • Drive more collaboration and build consensus
  • Remove old frameworks holding your team back