The curse of knowledge, accumulated from education and business experience, boxes us in as individuals and teams. This restricts communication, impacts the words we use and our ability to tell an effective cooperative story. These structures pull us away from story and pure human to human interaction. Your team may be newly formed, or the team has been asked to take on a new strategic challenge. Either way, StoryDraw will help you build a new cooperative story and address three of most common challenges team face: Fear. Trust. Risk-taking.

StoryDraw is an ideal team building experience.

  • Learn how story is less about telling and more about listening
  • Can’t draw, few think they can.
  • Discover “Pentimenti” and other art philosophies to remove fear and promote team confidence
  • Learn the difference between conflict and problems to see things in a new light.


  • Learn cooperative storytelling
  • Practice approaches to remove fear and risk
  • Deconstruct team obstacles
  • Identify unique small victories and what success looks like


  • Drive more team collaboration
  • Stronger team relatedness and connectedness
  • Confident decision making and autonomy