The hardest story to tell is your own. Story Lab produces multimedia content and facilitates workshops with storytelling at the center. We apply principles of story structure, diffusion of innovation, and behavior change to get ideas adopted.

  • Blue Valley CAPS

    Blue Valley CAPS

    Story Campaigns, Storyboards

  • KCMO Health Department

    KCMO Health Department

    Narrative Playbooks

  • UMKC Regnier Institute

    UMKC Regnier Institute

    Story Campaigns, Storyboards

  • HNTB


    Design Strategy

  • 7-Eleven


    Design Strategy

  • Ten Thousand Villages

    Ten Thousand Villages

    Propel Movements

  • Quadrants of Wellbeing

    Quadrants of Wellbeing

    Propel Movements, Story Campaigns, Storyboards

  • Prairie Elder Care

    Prairie Elder Care

    Propel Movements, Story Campaigns

  • Mobility Designed

    Mobility Designed

    Design Strategy, Story Campaigns

  • Crossroads Academy

    Crossroads Academy

    Propel Movements

  • Cultivate Kansas City

    Cultivate Kansas City


  • t. Loft

    t. Loft

    Design Strategy, Storyboards