The elevator pitch is dead. It died with the movie Working Girl. Pitches focus on transactional sales rather than long-term change. Step out of the elevator, change the conversation and learn to build a narrative. Attendees will learn story structure, message mapping and how to effectively structure the first three primary interactions of all business development: Intros, Convos and Presos.

The biggest problem with innovation today isn’t discovery…it’s adoption. Discoveries are made every day, yet very few ideas are put into use, even when it’s in our best interest to adopt. Often it’s a matter of making it their idea and allowing for reinvention. Find out why ideas defy logic, and how you can use the power of story to get your ideas adopted.

Classes are offered in 1/2-day, 1-day and 2-day formats. Attendees are capped at 30 individuals. Pricing based on duration and attendees.


  • Create a logline for your idea
  • Identify trigger words and language to shift perception
  • Learn the shape of story and the basics of story framing
  • Understand how intent, obstacles, and outcomes drive idea adoption in your business


  • Change the conversation and build a long-term narrative
  • Use story structure to improve framing and conversations
  • Diffuse ideas across groups and influence behavior change
  • Develop your story to accelerate adoption of ideas