Our Beliefs

Practice Empathy. Spread Ideas…That Matter

Stories are powerful. They inspire, form new connections, and create lasting impressions that bring ideas to life. A great idea isn’t enough. The power to influence change begins with a well-told story.

Stories also build trust. Trust is a component of caring, empathy – the essential element allowing vulnerability to create connection. Empathy is required for self-transcendence and the consideration of knowledge beyond your own – learning.

We work with trusted and trustworthy clients with ideas that progress social and corporate good. We practice empathy to understand diverse perspectives and leverage our capabilities to enable progress in people, organizations and our world.

A Customized Team for Diverse Stories

Overflow assembles diverse project teams based on the needs of our clients. This allows us to bring the latest in creative design, technology and inspiration to our projects and adjust scale based on the scope of each production.

Our Principals are practitioners with deep expertise in their respective fields and communities of practice. They work closely with Overflow’s core team of employees and extended team of freelance artists, talented contractors and trusted vendors to delight Overflow’s valued clients. Our collective and talented team includes:

  • freelance artists, animators, illustrators, graphic designers
  • cinematographers, photographers
  • copywriters, field reporters
  • social media strategists
  • web designers
  • producers, stage managers
  • technical directors
  • voice actors, event emcees

Get Your Ideas Adopted