Organizations across the country are faced with making strategy work. Achieving higher quality, providing faster service and lowering costs are creating unprecedented expectations and new demands for accountability on all businesses.

This workshop equips leadership with the critical framework they need to sustain strategic expectations. It links the three Strategic Core Leadership elements: Story, Structure and System, and offers participants the opportunity to “think together” about their common challenges using the practice of Deploymentship as a model for change management.


  • Identify strategic story
  • Map your strategic direction
  • Connect the dots between strategy and daily operations
  • Identify meaningful measures
  • Learn the principles of active deploymentship


  • Improve team performance and achieve breakthrough results.
  • Capture great expectations and develop team creativity.
  • Build a more collaborative environment and expand critical thinking skills.
  • Increase accountability and reduce the blame and justify cycle.
  • Salute the past, but embrace the future.
  • Ensure that meetings focus on what can be changed not just report on what’s happened.